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Private Markets

Private markets aren't just growing, they're evolving. Fundamental shifts in business models, the search for yield, and a focus on new sectors and asset classes are raising the profile of private markets and bringing new players and investors to the table.

Fixed Income in 15

S&P Global Ratings

A Decade of Private Equity

Andrew Eisen, Head of Software Solutions for S&P Global Market Intelligence joins the Seek & Prosper Interview Series to discuss private equity. He covers the growth and changes in private equity beyond just leveraged buy-outs, the interchange of public and private sources of capital, and the role of information and data in private markets.

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Private Markets

S&P Global Market Intelligence

Build a 360ᄚ view of the private markets with the combined insights, data, software, and tools from S&P Global and IHS Markit.

The Growth of Private Debt Markets

Ruth Yang, the Global Head of Thought Leadership at S&P Global Ratings joins the Seek & Prosper Interview Series to discuss private debt. She covers the reasons for the expansion of private debt markets over the last ten years, the future of private debt as interests rates creep upward, and the importance of direct lending for a healthy economy.

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Insights from the S&P Global Research Council

A changing world requires new insights, new analysis, and new approaches. The impact of geopolitical events, supply chain issues, health crises, and a changing climate is never confined to a single sector or market. Our clients require expertise and analysis that looks at the big picture.

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November 30, 2023
Buying Time Post-Default with Private Credit

We observed fewer repeat defaults and a longer average time between defaults from issuers that received private credit for restructuring purposes than from those that received private credit for other purposes or those without private credit.

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Private Markets Monthly

Insightful interviews with subject matter experts on what matters most across private markets

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Private Investment Benchmarks

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Receive accurate, institutional quality benchmark data to make better informed investment decisions. For even the most sophisticated investors, measuring private investment performance can be challenging. Accurate performance metrics are therefore crucial to making your investment decisions. You need institutional quality benchmarks that you can trust.